2002 Slim Chance Awards

Each year, Frances M. Berg, M.S., who operates the Healthy Weight Network presents "Slim Chance Awards" to promoters of weight-loss schemes. Here are the awards for 2002:.

Worst Product

Gorayeb Hypnosis Seminars. Self-styled hypnotist books his seminars into hotels across the country. Only $39 to attend, but expect a hard sell for overpriced hypnosis tapes and pills.

Worst Gadget

L'Patch. More "Snake-oil on a band-aid," this diet patch is billed as an advanced appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Advertised on email spam.

Worst Claim

Ultimate HGH 1000. Cure-all results claimed for Human Growth Hormone "stimulant." Claims include body fat loss, flat tummy, wrinkle reduction, trim thighs, erased cellulite, increased energy, muscle strength, memory, and emotional stability.

Most Outrageous

Nutramerica's Trim Spa. Two page newspaper ads flooded the country with before and after photos, testimonials and weight loss claims. But disclaimers in tiny type admit that paid models were used, weight loss results are not typical, and the ephedrine ingredient can cause serious adverse effects.

This article was posted on December 22, 2008.

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